On This Day In Eagle’s History – April 17, 1973

On This Day In Eagle’s History – April 17, 1973

The Eagle’s second studio album, Desperado was released on this day in 1973.

The album was not a commercial success initially. It debuted on the US Billboard 200 chart at a lowly number 145 on its week of its release, rising to number 41 in its eighth week on the chart. It remains the Eagles’ lowest charting album and it produced no hit song, as both singles released from the album, “Tequila Sunrise” and “Outlaw Man”, failed to reach the top 50 on the main singles chart. However, as with all things Eagles, it eventually was certified double platinum in 2001.

Desperado is the only Eagles album to feature a photo of the band (at the time Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner) on the front cover. The title song “Desperado” was the first song written by Henley and Frey and marked the beginning of a songwriting partnership that would last for years. In all, 8 of the 11 songs on Desperado were written by Henley and Frey. Incidentally, “Desperado” was never released as a single, the two singles from the album were “Tequila Sunrise” and “Outlaw Man”.

Side One

1 – “Doolin-Dalton”

2 – “Twenty-One”

3 – “Out of Control”

4 – “Tequila Sunrise”

5 – “Desperado”

Side Two

1 – “Certain Kind of Fool”

2 – “Doolin-Dalton” (instrumental)

3 – “Outlaw Man”

4 – “Saturday Night”

5 – “Bitter Creek”

6 – “Doolin-Dalton/Desperado” (reprise)


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